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An IT society is a proper platform which delivers not only curricular material but also professional skills. Information Technology which is actually a development, design, study, implementation and management of computer related information.

  • 1 The preference of CITS is to provide direct or indirect benefit to the CIIT student.
  • 2 The aim of CITS is to accomplish IT awareness among the students as well as teachers also.

Opportunities to carry out the COMSATS University's Vision Statement are increasingly provided using IT.

COMSATS IT Society is to ensure that all faculty, students and staff have equal opportunity, IT must be designed in such a way that everyone has access. Technology also changes the way teachers teach, offering educators effective ways to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple means.

In Pakistan

COMSATS University is well known in IT University in Pakistan

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In England

Lancaster University is cooperating with CIIT in DDP Program.

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Constructivism is a crucial component of technology integration.

It is a learning theory that describes the process of students constructing their own knowledge through collaboration and inquiry-based learning.

Integrated Technology

Learning through projects while equipped with technology tools allows students to be intellectually challenged while providing them with a realistic snapshot of what the modern office looks like.